Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm A Duck

The look I got was: "I'm a duck, and proud of it! Got any food?"
Thornlea, NL

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Raven on a Lobster Trap

This guy sat on the lobster trap, in front of my house, for hours.
I went out and gave him some fresh Cod.
He ate that up quick!

Mine! Mine! The Sea Gull Frenzy.

They wait!
And watch.
The frenzy begins. Mine! Mine!
Get off that's MINE!!!
You took MINE!!!!
Not much left.
Time to look some place else.
A fisherman had put his net on the shore and
it had a few dead fish left in it.
That's what started the feeding frenzy.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Slowest Waterfall in Newfoundland

I photographed this on a cliff near my house in Bellevue.
It is a green slime waterfall. Got to be the slowest
waterfall I've ever seen.

Shore Rock Lichens

One variety of shore rock lichen found in

Wild Sweet Peas

There a lot of Wild Sweet Peas growing on the Trinity
Beach side down the road in Bellevue.

Pine Grosbeak eating Dog berries -Bellevue

The bird in the photo you sent me is a female, or possibly young male Pine Grosbeak.
Identified by:
Dave Brown of St. John's

Seagull Diving for Crabs

We have a regular Seagull who dives for small crabs just in front of
our house in Bellevue. We call him Heathcliff. He had a girlfriend
for a while. We called her Gertrude. (Red Skeleton TV Show)

Eagles of Bellevue

We have a large number of Eagles in Bellevue. They stay through
the winter. This one just finished diving into the water,
going after a Cormorant. (He missed it)
They are wonderful to watch, they soar right over our house.

St. John's Harbour

A view from Signal Hill.


The Village of Dildo. Has a museum, nice restaurant, gift store, and Marina.
(Also the guy who fixes my outboard motors)
The Museum of Dildo, with a Whale Skeleton and other Maritime items.
Captain Dildo
The Giant Squid of Dildo.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Two Suns of Bellevue

No wonder we have beautiful sunset in Bellevue -
we have two suns! (Internal reflection - through a double glazed window)

Sunset Reflections

This is a sunset shot off my back deck of Bellevue Bay.
(Not photoshopped!!!)

Seven Island Lookout

On the way to Placentia, there is a scenic view called Seven Island Lookout.
If you stop there you will see four islands, the other three are hidden until you drive
along away.

Greens Point Cave - Trinity Bay Near Bellevue

We go out on our boat into Trinity Bay and there
are wonderful cliffs coming down from Greens Point, some have
caves like this one. There are also two waterfalls.

Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia Purpurea) Newfoundland Flower

Just behind my house, up in the hills about 300 feet
is an open marshy area and there are loads of these plants.
Taken July 12 th., 2009

Super Sunset

Shot off my deck in Bellevue across Bellevue Bay.

Lichen Forest

We have wonderful Lichen forests here. This picture was taken
in Bellevue just down the road where I live.
The Lichen need very fresh air with no pollutants to survive.
We have great air here!!

A St. John's Street

This street has two Antiques stores on it ... but the prices were too
high for me to buy things.

Port Aux Basques Cemetery

I came across on the Ferry that lands at Port aux Basques. The
Ferry goes past an old cemetery on the cliff side.
The graves must be very shallow because it is super rocky there.

Africa Mountain

This mountain is just across the Bay of Bellevue,
on the Trinity Bay side. If you look carefully you will see
a Lion, an Elephant and a Hippopotamus (Right to left).
That's why I call it Africa Mountain!

Bellevue Beach Park Lookout

This is the lookout at Bellevue Beach Park. A privately owned
campground just down the road from us. The campground is very nice, with a fantastic
beach and lovely camp spots.

Wild Iris

These Wild iris grow on the pebbly beach on
the Trinity Bay side of Bellevue.

Crab Boat Coming In

Our next door neighbour, Ken Fahey, bringing in his boat which
is moored in front of our house. He was out after Crabs.

Gull Island - Bellevue

There is a small island just off our bay that is a hatchery for
Sea Gulls. When the Caplin run, they go nuts!

Fairhaven wharf

An old wharf in Fairhaven. Notice the windless
in the for front.

Bus in the bush - Fairhaven

Notice the Lobster Buoys hanging from the mirror

Our Dog Roxy

Here is our Dog Roxy, she is about 2 years old and a Parsons Jack Russell.
This picture was taken of her on some coastal rocks in Thornlea.

Wedding on a Wharf

Fishermen in Bellevue are very proud of their boats,
so much so that they have held photo shoots of their family
weddings on their wharf.

The beginning of a wharf

Launching bottom frame. (crib)
Building the underwater frame. (crib)

The wharf is then towed into position, filled with rocks and built up with more logs
until it sinks to the bottom.

Wharf Ice

The salt spray freezes on anything close to the shore.

Bellevue Wharves

They are just to the right of my house in Bellevue.
Last summer a Moose swam across the bay and got out
here and went up to the road and walked down the road past the church on the hill.

Square Lobster Traps

They are rare to see, but still used in Newfoundland.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My New ATV

Getting my Wife Carol to clean my ATV ...

Fog (of course) in Bellevue Bay

We do get some fog here in Bellevue, NL.

Moose across our street.

A few days ago one of our neighbours called me out to the street.
He pointed up into the woods and said get your camera. About
100 feet away the Moose stood waiting to come down
and eat my daffodils out of my garden.